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Momostenango Wool Weavers

Has been declared a National Cultural Heritage, for its historical and cultural value and for the ancestral tradition that has been standing for over 300 years. Since 2013 we partnered with Momostenango wool weavers to create contemporary collections made with milenary techniques. Through different partnerships with local and global organizations, we now impact the lives of more than 40 artisans, creating a sustainable source of income and breaking the cycles of poverty in Guatemala.


It all starts from raw sheep wool sourced from local suppliers which is washed and dried by sunlight. The wool is then carded by hand using traditional wood and metal combs and later hand spun using antique wood spinning wheels. Once the yarns are ready, they are hand dyed and hang dried. The final step of the process is mounting the yarns on traditional foot looms, where rugs and pillows are weaved by hand by master weavers.
This is a time-intensive process, and it can take up to four days to make one wool rug. It requires intricate craftsmanship and the final result are true works of art for the modern home.

“We connect artisans with global markets to create a sustainable source of income."

 We now work with more than 40 artisans in this community, 3 times more since we begun working with them in 2013. Artisans’ daily income has increased 5 times since we first partnered with the wool weavers in 2013.

 Meet Luis Poncio.

Luis started weaving more than 30 years ago, and over the years he has mastered the art of wool weaving.Just by taking a look at his rugs you can tell how talented he is and by talking to him you can see how passionate he is about his work. With his unrivaled weaving expertise he quickly became our artisan leader for the Momostenango weavers. We work closely with Luis since 2013 and we have created an amazing connection with him and his family, bringing economic prosperity through design and production of wool products. Luis has now become the master weaver of Momostenango and works collectively with more than 40 artisans from his community.

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