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Our Philosophy


At Meso Goods, we believe that design is a tool used to create a strong and lasting impact. That is why our products are unique, functional, and carefully crafted, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern style.


We have traveled around this beautiful world, met incredible people, worked, and learned so much about techniques and cultures, and this is our way of bringing it all to you. Our brand works with ethically-made modern craftsmanship by artisans from developing countries, and we are fully committed to them through a transparent supply chain.


By working directly with artisan partners from different regions, we create fair wages and empower men and women in rural areas of Latin America, while expanding to other parts of the globe.


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About Us


Meso focuses on revealing traditional artisanal techniques of Latin America through innovative and careful design. We focus on preserving cultural heritage while promoting environmental and social awareness. Through the use of local materials and the development of sustainable trade opportunities for our network of artisans, we introduced new concepts to handmade objects. This way, we provide a twist towards sustainability and well-being. Through our distinctive approach, we aim to generate a unique, modern, and ethical lifestyle.


Founded by

Gonzalo Pertile & Diego Olivero

Our Mission


Our mission is to generate positive change and sustainable income for artisans across Latin America. By promoting Social Design as a tool that brings together design and craftsmanship, we also seek to create high-quality products that improve human well-being  alongside excellent service towards our social-aware and responsible consumers.

Our Vision


To be an agent for community development, catalyzing the power of business for social impact and accelerating development by generating sustainable income for our artisan partners in a long term partnership. We inject inspiration and creativity in every activity that we engage in, constantly transforming to create meaningful and exceptional connections with our customers, collaborators, and partners.

Our Products


Our products are carefully crafted by artisans in Latin America, generating a sustainable income through the creation of unique, ethical, and modern home decor. Our collections explore different techniques by artisan groups seeking to achieve modern and unique objects. This allows us to enhance your living experience by providing you direct access to owning beautiful and unique products.

Our Values


We are committed to our team members, who make this positive impact happen every day. We are committed to our artisan partners to create employment, develop positive opportunities for their lives, and help them thrive. We deeply care about our customers and their positive experiences being a part of Meso.

Meet our founder


Diego Olivero is an award-winning designer, born in Guatemala. Diego holds a multidisciplinary career based on creativity, craftsmanship, and social impact projects. He received his BA with honors in Industrial Design, at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Diego’s passion for handcrafted objects and design drove him to co-fund Meso Goods, a social enterprise working with more than 550 artisans families in Guatemala, Peru, Haiti, and Honduras, distributing products in more than 20 countries, through Museums, Retail Stores and Exhibitions, generating sustainable economic development for artisan families. His design work is available at West Elm, Anthropology, CB2, Madewell, ABC Carpet and Home, Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Santa Barbara Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Perez Art Museum (PAM), San Antonio Museum of Art, among others.

As founder of his own practice studio, Diego has worked on different architectural, interior design, and installation projects in Guatemala, Venezuela, Miami, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, and the UK. Through his creative language Diego has received different recognitions and awards and received the Public Medal by the London Design Biennale 2018 for the Guatemalan Pavilion Palopo, also recently won two Gold Medals at the World Biennale of Interior Designers in Mexico City.

In 2016 became part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative by the United States Department of State, for being a leader and social entrepreneur. This led him to co-create a Social Driven Platform CONVERSA, a place to learn, share, connect and act for social good.

Diego’s understanding and study of materials, has led him to expand his range of work focusing on mixed media for the development of his products, interiors, and installations.