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FOS LAMP 06 by Daniel Orozco Studio

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Forged through an artisanal turning process, our FOS Lamp 06 is a pendant lamp featuring a conical base crafted from Yucatan mahogany wood with a burnt finish. The design is adorned with 4 spheres of pink marble sourced from Jalisco. An elegant fusion of materials shapes this sculptural piece. Illuminate your space with the unique beauty of FOS Lamp 06, where fine craftsmanship meets an exquisite blend of materials.

Pink Marble and Mahagony Wood
Dimensions: 7.87" D. x 23.62" H.
Every piece is made to order.

Care: Wood is a natural material that works despite being sculpted and after having received some finishing. It needs care to resist the passage of time, being a natural material, each piece has unique patterns and colors. To prevent openings, make sure your piece is not exposed to the elements if it is an indoor piece. If you have a coating that resists atmospheric conditions, apply a matte transparent sealer for 4 to 6 months.

Marble requires special care to withstand the passage of time. A natural material, marble has unique patterns and colors. To further prevent staining, wipe up spills immediately. Clean with a microfiber cloth, liquid dish soap, and lukewarm water. Avoid using acidic bathroom cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar, or bleach, or alkaline cleaners not designed for marble. Do not use powdered or abrasive cleaners.

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