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Travel Guide to Guatemala! Discover the best spots.

1. Guatemala City, 4 Grados Norte

Cuatro Grados Norte, also know as “El Barrio más Bonito” is the new creative hub of Guatemala City. This neighborhood has characterized itself for the past 10 years to be the hip barrio of the City. The culinary scene has emerged from this neighborhood and now holds the best restaurants in town! Don’t miss out: La Esquina, Mercado 24, Gula, Mola and Tres Elefantes.

Home to social entrepreneurs, designers, architects, artists, design and culinary academies, art galleries and cultural spaces collectively they create a unique positive and cultural vibe in the center of the City. 

Click the link below for the 5 best places to dine by the NYTIMES

 A dinning experience in 4 Grados Norte

A collaboration of creative minds made this Guatemalan inspired project a piece of art, a combination of traditions and culture with a contemporary twist makes it a creative identity space, with a lot of evolution on Guatemalan essence.

A Unique Experience in Cuatro Grados Norte

Don’t miss out visiting the most creative restaurant of Guatemala! Award winning Gold Medal project designed by our Head Designer Diego Olivero. The space consists of several stations inspired by the local markets of Guatemala. Handmade tiles, iron structures, colors, patterns, and accessories are found throughout the space.

Each station serves  a variety of local food and drinks! This experience is a must! Make sure to visit!

Learn more: www.mercaditolaesquina.com

2. Lake Atitlán, Santa Catarina Palopó

One of the worlds natural wonders! Make sure to visit this amazing lake surrounded by magnificent volcanoes and its people! Twelve towns surround the lake, each offering different culinary scenes, handcrafts and traditions.

Make sure to stop by Santa Catarina Palopo, where art and design are being used as tool to promote sustainable tourism. Our head designer and founder Diego Olivero worked closely with the community of Santa Catarina to create the color pallet and patterns that are now being used in the facades of the buildings.

This project was recently published at Architectural Digest, you can click here on to read the article.

Please visit the project website: www.santacatarina.gt

3. Antigua Guatemala

A place of beauty, major historical significance and vibrant culture, Antigua remains Guatemala's must-visit destination. You will be enchanted by this iconic colonial town, culture, traditions, food, flora and fauna all brought together to clear a relax and authentic atmosphere of the Guatemalan life and culture.

4. Chichicastenango Market

Chichicastenango Market! A Textile Treasure Hunt and a experience of the Guatemalan Soul! 

Let your senses experience the Chichicastenango Market. Thursdays or Sundays are the days to visit! Many people from all over Guatemala gather here to sell, food, flowers, candles and their handcrafted products. Make sure to try the fresh

black corn  tortillas and spice it up with some Guacamole & Salsa. 

Through out the market you can find a vast selection of the textile work done in Guatemala, vintage and antique huipils, hand carved objects and pre-colombian treasures.