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The Atitlán Project

The Atitlán Project, a limited edition collection celebrating Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Exclusively West Elm, where we had the privilege to work with amazing Roar + Rabbit (Wendy WurtzburgerMitzie Wong) and Meso Goods on the design of these limited edition products that will benefit Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó. West Elm is donating 50% of the sales to reach a goal of $100K. You can learn more + shop the collection at westelm.com/TheAtitlanProject.

Diego Olivero West Elm.jpg


west elm — lake atitlan project

“It is about great design coming together
with a vibrant culture to bring about empowerment
and a better understanding between communities.”

— Harris Whitbeck, Project Founder of Pintando el Cambio Association.


west elm — lake atitlan project

west elm — lake atitlan project