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Volcán LS 7 Volcanic Rock Sculpture by Lørdag & Søndag

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This collection of Volcanic Rock pieces, designed by Salvador and Enzo Compañ, are hand-sculpted by the talented artisan Carlos Flores in the town of San Salvador El Seco, Puebla, Mexico. With the help of a hammer, chisel and grinder, Don Carlos shapes by hand every Artefacto. Thought they appear to be assembled of different components, all of the designs are made from one single volcanic rock. These pieces may be replicated, but due to the different textures of volcanic rock and the fact that each piece is hand-made without using molds, the final results are completely unique to each piece.

Hand-carved Volcanic Rock.
Dimensions 15" L. x 10" W. x 40" H.
Every piece is made-to-order.

Care: Only use a dry cloth for cleaning.

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