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Arco Wool Rug

Arco Wool Rug

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Handmade in Guatemala

The Arco wool rug blends different artisanal techniques from Guatemala. Skilled artisans from Momostenango make each rug by hand using a pedal loom. For the development of this rug no dyes where used, black and white are the natural color of local sheep. 

Materials: 100% Wool
Cotton warp.
Each rug is crafted by hand it takes from 3 weeks to be delivered. Please expect a slight variation in size and color as part of the nature of our products.
Handcrafted in Guatemala.

Delivery time 3-6 weeks.

Through purchasing this rug you are contributing to creating sustainable income opportunities for Artisans in Momostenango, Guatemala. After five years of working with wool weavers in Guatemala, we now impact the lives of more than 50 artisans and their families.
Learn more about our impact here.