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Wahkan Side Table

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This side table was designed by Lørdag & Søndag in Mexico City and made out of oak wood by master artisan César Zamorano from Torno Decorativo Tonalá, in the town of Tonalá, state of Jalisco. The shape of this piece is inspired by a clay figurine proceeding from Teotihuacan, and it represents a woman wearing a skirt, a shawl, a necklace, earrings and a wide headdress. Teotihuacan (Nahuatl: “The City of the Gods”) is an archeological site located northwest of Mexico City. Artistic influence from Teotihuacan has been found in pre-Hispanic objects and buildings from different regions of Mexico and Guatemala."

Oak Wood
Dimensions: 13" L x13" W x20" H
Every piece is made to order. 

Care: Only use a dry cloth for cleaning.

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